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Human Resources Plan

At Ausi Le Thembi we recognize that Human Resources are an extremely important asset, especially in a service business in which work is performed on customer’s property. 

Our competitors do not generally recognize this fact, and in general, the personnel standards in the cleaning industry are low.  Often, unskilled unqualified individuals are hired, paid minimum wage, and worked hard until they leave.  Hygiene controllers of this sort obviously do not reflect well on the company. 

At Ausi Le Thembi, we shall nevertheless only hire people who are qualified or who can be trained to do the work as required, and who can interact with customers in a friendly and professional manner.  Thus, we screen new applicants carefully, including in-person interviews and reference checks.

We shall strive to hire people who have a solid work ethic and work well with others.  Working well with others is especially important in our system of teams, each having a consistent set of scheduled assignments and a team leader.

We shall review each employee’s performance regularly, and when possible promote from within.  The company’s salary structure shall be in the line with conditions prescribed in the Sectoral Act or marginally higher but also competitive within the structure of current market rates.

Personnel and Training

  • Ausi Le Thembi is prepared to train our personnel to meet any specific requirements of the client.
  • In-house training ( done by Supervisors ) eg. Job Descriptions, Working Procedures, and Time Management etc.
  • External Training will be provided on a merit basis as per our Ausi Le Thembi Training & Skills Development Policy.
  • Training begins a month prior to the commencement of the contract. Training courses are provided by suppliers such as SAFIC BEE, and Numatic International.
  • All Gardening Contracts Training shall be provided by the Thuto Lere Community. Empowerment Programme (TCEP) who specialise in the training of all Agricultural / Farming / Gardening Training needs.

All remuneration is in the line with the SECTORAL ACT and Ausi Le Thembi adheres to the required contributions.

Operating Procedures

Ausi Le Thembi has set Operating Procedures that apply to all our services. 

These include (but are not limited to) :

  • Reporting on time for duty
  • Adhering to the dress code
  • Recording of all personnel interactions
  • Keeping all work-areas and its surroundings clean and tidy at all times

In conjunction with other procedures agreed upon between the client and Ausi Le Thembi.  Our Senior Personnel will strictly enforce these procedures and non-compliance by our staff will result in strict disciplinary action and possible dismissal.

General Requirements

General requirements by the client such as use of company telephones, tampering with vehicles, material, products and equipment, and confidential information pertaining to all security matters, will be discussed and explained in detail to all employees.


All transport needed in the rendering of our services, is provided by the Ausi Le Thembi.

Quality Assurance

We strive to treat each client according to his or her unique quality requirements.

We see our services / materials as a major role player to assist our clients in achieving their unique service delivery goals and to ensure they achieve cost-effective Services delivery at all times

We provide a high quality service by …

  • Supplying only the best materials as we use only the best manufacturers;
  • Committing ourselves to always quality checking all materials before it is delivered to our client;
  • Striving continuously for improved productivity and service delivery.

SHEQ Management

Ausi Le Thembi has a comprehensive SHE Management system in place, which complies 100% with the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental and ISO 45001:2018 Health & Safety Standards, striving towards the implementation of all safe working procedures, ensuring the prevention of injury or loss and in turn ensuring the health and safety of our employees and which are at the same time environmentally friendly.

Ausi Le Thembi places loss, incident, prevention and the health of our employees as the most important aspect of our operations and in this regard recognise and understand our responsibilities committing ourselves to active and pro-active participation during the implementation of an Accident Prevention Policy.

Continual Project Monitoring

Ausi Le Thembi shall continue to follow our internal inspection schedules during each project. Feedback will be obtained from the client on a regular basis regarding services provided.

Uniforms + PPE

Ausi Le Thembi employees will at all times wear a neat and clearly identifiable uniform / appropriate PPE ( Protective Clothing + Equipment ) of Ausi Le Thembi, along with a registered Ausi Le Thembi ID Card of the company, with the member’s identity and file numbers on it, accompanied by his official ID Number, which will be worn on his person at all times.

Emergency Procedures

Ausi Le Thembi employees are all well versed in the applying of emergency procedures.  We provide thorough Risk and Safety training to our employees in the use of emergency control, fire fighting procedures, explosions, evacuation procedures and the handling of emergency equipment.  The accent here is to provide cost-effective, multi-tasked risk free service solutions to our clients.


  • Disabled Employee Policy
  • Disciplinary Code & Procedures Policy
  • Employment Equity Policy
  • Employment Procedures
  • Environmental Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Accident Prevention Policy
  • HIV / Aids Policy
  • Risk Control Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Training & Skills Development Policy

Compliance with Statutes

  1. Registration with the Compensation Commissioner
  2. Unemployment Insurance Fund
  3. VAT Registration
  4. Income Tax Act
  5. PAYE
  6. Regional Services Council Act
  7. SDL – Skill Development Levy
  8. Fully Compliant to the Wage Determination Act