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Our Services

Ausi Le Thembi specialises in the following services:

General Cleaning Services

Laundromat Services



General Gardening Services

Cleaning Material

Office Supply

Various Equipment & Supply

Our Target Market

  • Iscor
  • Eskom
  • Rand Water
  • SASOL Group of Companies
  • TRANSNET Group of Companies
  • Local Town Councils
  • Local Schools
  • Local Businesses

Competitive Advantage

We guarantee the quality of our workmanship, of which most service providers constantly fluctuate, which often leads to rework to the detriments of clients due to misunderstandings of work scope, unproductive personnel, poor project management and unsafe working procedures.

Ausi Le Thembi will become a member of BEECA, the Association offers support, endorsement, strategic finance and training for all its members. BEECA is a non-profit trade association that has a membership of empowerment cleaning owners who are entrepreneurs and have their own companies. Through the common interest of members certain benefits become available to the members of the Association.


The training that BEECA offers to members are:

  • Entrepreneurial
    • Product – Equipment usage, storage and safety
    • Product – Chemical usage, dilution, storage and safety
    • Financial Management
    • H.R. Management


BEECA secures endorsements with property owners, government, para-statal, corporate, etc. and through this process the Association secures preferential rating for members during tender / procurement awards. Furthermore, the Association aims to secure a closed tender / procurement relationship with all the entities that shall enable BEECA members secure a larger slice of the contract cleaning business.

Strategic Finance

BEECA has created an avenue for members to receive suitable finance with institutions based on certain qualifying criteria. This shall allow for reduction in terms of obstacles that members encounter when winning large lucrative contracts.

SAFIC BEE is an economic empowerment supplier of cleaning chemicals, brush-ware and equipment to empowerment cleaning contractors.  This Company has a majority empowerment shareholding and profits are re-channeled into the cleaning empowerment drive.  As part of the overall products and services that SAFIC BEE have on offer, they have designed easy entry for any empowerment contractor by securing structured terms / rentals on the range of products that SAFIC BEE provide.

Pioneer Communication Solutions

  • Pioneer Communication Solutions offer professional consulting services to cleaning empowerment contractors, and the main objective is to support the Small Medium Enterprise ( SME ) operator. 
  • With a wealth of experience in the field of business consulting services industry pioneer
  • offers consulting services in the areas of:
    • Strategic – Company / CC registration, heads of agreement, shareholders agreements, etc.
    • Marketing – Marketing plans, sales development, company branding, business assessment,
    • Proposal / tender quotations etc.
    • R. – Industrial Relations, employee personnel departmental systems, organizational
    • behaviour. recruitment, etc. fore-casting and business brokerage.
    • Training – Entrepreneurial, management, product, service provision, memory skills, etc.

Information Technology

The main area that Pioneer Communication Solutions brings value to businesses is through skills transfer, capacity building and training.

SAIBL is a program which was secured through ECI and their main objective is to seek transactions with Historically Disadvantaged Individuals ( HDI ), and such transactions must be with reputable large organizations / institutions. 

The SAIBL program manages donor funds and the management of such funds is utilized to secure business linkages, expenditure is justified by the identification of a skills shortage, capacity building and training that is aimed at improving the HDI capabilities to render a service expectant from the client / organization / institution.

It is therefore of paramount interest to SAIBL that Ausi Le Thembi are successful.

GEP - Gauteng Enterprise Propeller

GEP have the highest concentration of business in the country.  In line with GEP’s objective of job creation as well as developing skilled and productive people, GEP offers business support, technical assistance, fact sheets and business tools to entrepreneurs.