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Who We Are

A Few Words About Us

Ausi Le Thembi Trading and Projects (Ausi Le Thembi) is an Affirmable Business Enterprise with a goal to develop and empower the expertise of all our employees within the company.

Having geared ourselves to comply to our BEEE Policy, we are ready to turn our opportunities into a profit making enterprise, with the aim at providing class competitive services at affordable rates.

Because of government policy, ‘to support SMME’s of the disadvantaged groups and women’, we have a great opportunity to be successful in all our endeavours.

The attractiveness of our company lies within the fact that our services are greatly in demand due to the unique quality of service we at the Ausi Le Thembi, deliver.

Our company has the infrastructure needed to provide a Cleaning & Gardening Service, Laundromat and Various Materials & Equipment Supply Services for any prospective client within the Gauteng and Vaal Triangle areas.


We strive to become the preferred and leading BEEE Company, delivering services of a world class standard.


It is the focus point of our mission to provide all our clients with a uniquely professional service. 

We appoint only pre-screened Labour and in so doing ensure that the best quality services is rendered to all our clients.

Ausi Le Thembi Management go the extra mile in equipping our workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for them to perform within their highest standards.


There are a number of objectives that will be achieved with the rendering of our services to our target market. 

Services rendered and the premises of our clients will at all times be controlled in the most effective way possible and the possible non-conformances will be minimised at all times.

Needless to say the Ausi Le Thembi Group conforms to all state applied provisions within the Black Empowerment sector within our country, as we are 100%  ‘Black Owned’.

At Ausi Le Thembi we have committed ourselves to the regulations within our country’s Employment Equity Bill by employing mostly PDI’s within our ‘ African Communities ’.  

The comprehensive Ausi Le Thembi Employment Equity Policy has recently been completed and will be available for your perusal following your written request thereof.

Ausi Le Thembi is committed to creating workplaces in which no employee is denied employment and growth opportunities or benefits, for reasons unrelated to ability, and where individuals of ability and application can develop rewarding careers at all levels regardless of their background, race and or gender. 

We also recognise that the goals of employment equity will require specific interventions in order that people from all ethnic groups are represented and at all levels within the workforce, and reflect the diversity of the economically active population in the regions and sectors in which the Ausi Le Thembi Companies are active. 

At Ausi Le Thembi, we are committed to the promotion, development and recognition of our people on merit.  To accomplish this we will neither make ‘token’ appointments, nor implement any practices or procedures, which establish barriers to appointment, promotion or advancement, of any of our employees.

The Ausi Le Thembi group of companies was born after the realisation of business opportunities in these fields was recognised.

The rapid expansion and growth of significant key industries in and around the Vaal Triangle area has therefore created a large demand for our specialised skills, which often cannot be met within the resources of one single company.